Confined Space Entry

Aspect3Sixty provides a fully comprehensive Industrial Rope Access service. A selection of the broad range of tasks our technicians can undertake is shown below, however if you have a specific requirement which is not listed, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

When combined with our Rope Access capabilities, the locations that our Aspect3Sixty, Confined Space trained technicians are able to access are almost limitless, resulting in Aspect3Sixty being your solution for any confined space workscope regardless of its size, location or duration. 

​ Confined Space Services offered by Aspect3Sixty

  • Clinker removal and refractory assesment
  • Feed Mill silo cleaning / removal of blockages
  • Internal inspection of stacks and chimneys
  • Internal inspection of tanks and vessels
  • Inspection of boiler tubes
  • Repair and maintenace of equipment located within confined spaces
<Aspect3Sixty Confined Space Rope Access Clinker Removal Wolf Tools Incinerator Power Station EFW>
<Aspect3Sixty Confined Space Rope Access Visual and Ultrasonic Inspection of Stack>
<Aspect3Sixty Confined Space Rope Access Clinker Removal>
<Aspect3Sixty Confined Space Clinker Removal Using Industrial Rope Access>
<Aspect3Sixty Taunton Somerset Confined Space Rope Access Clinker Removal>
<Aspect3Sixty Confined Space Rope Access Claening and Clinker Removal at an EFW Power Station using Wolf Tools>

Under domestic law (the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 etc) employers are responsible for ensuring the safety of their employees and others. This responsibility is reinforced by all applicable and relevant regulations.
The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997 apply where the assessment identifies risks of serious injury from work in confined spaces.These regulations contain the following key duties:

  • Avoid entry to confined spaces, e.g. by doing the work from the outside.
  • If entry to a confined space is unavoidable, follow a safe system of work         and put in place adequate emergency arrangements before the work starts.

The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 , require employers and self-employed people to carry out a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks for all work activities for the purpose of deciding what measures are necessary for safety. For work in confined spaces this means identifying the hazards present, assessing the risks and determining what precautions to take.

<Aspect3Sixty Confined Space Rope Access Non Destructive Testing Epoch 650 Petzl ID>
<Aspect3Sixty Confined Space Industrial Rope Access Cleaning and Clinker Removal IRATA>
<Aspect3Sixty Confined Space Rope Access Ultrasonic Thickness Inspection NDT Non Destructive Testing using Epoch 650>